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Bianca has published several curricula that focuses exclusively on communities of color. Her lesson plans have been published online and in a variety of different collective curricula. She has created the WOCSHN Curriculum Lab which focuses on supporting educators of color  and working class educators in unlearning the white supremacist abelist heteropatriarchial ways of writing and educating others.

Bianca’s workshops challenge writers to create accessible learning outcomes, objectives, and activities. She uses the CASEL Social Emotional Learning competencies, and can align curricula to meet the highest standards of CCSS for ELA.

You can preview the Communication MixTape: Speak On It Vol 1 curricula and a sample lesson plan below. The Official Netflix Crip Camp Curriculum is FREE and available for download in English and Spanish here.

Please cite and offer attribution to any and all materials offered through this website or via trainings or courses Bianca offers. Do NOT remove copyright of handouts or curricula. If you are unsure or unclear if you have permission to use any of my work ask me at

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Published Curricula, Discussion Guides, and Educational Resources

  • Sex is a Funny Word (2023).  
  • Sexual & Reproductive Justice Discussion Guide. (2018).  NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene. Available in 2018 for free here.
  • Laureano, B.I. (editor). 2017. Communication MixTape: Speak On It Vol 1.  New Orleans, LA, Women of Color Sexual Health Network.
  • Respect Wheel; Power & Control Wheel to minimize online violence for communities and women of color. 2015. Center for Solutions to Online Violence. Available for free here and see below.
  • What’s the REAL DEAL about Love and Solidarity. 2015. Curriculum. Brooklyn, NY, Scenarios USA.
  • Laureano, B.I. & Turman, A. (2020). Crip Camp Curriculum.
  • Laureano, B.I. (2023). I Didn’t See You There. PBS / POV.

To request your own Curriculum Lab reach out to Bianca directly at At least 6-10 participants must be present and agree to do all parts of the Curriculum Lab, sign an agreement for publishing intellectual property in collaborative curriculum, and sell the curriculum at the agreed upon group price.

Preview Curricula & Sample Lesson Plan

To print the preview of the Communication MixTape: Speak On It Vol 1 curricula and a sample lesson plan click here.