Bianca has created numerous training experiences for introductory and advanced learning communities. To inquire about a training with Bianca use this form to send her an email.

Trainings Bianca offers include:

  • Ethics in Working with Bodies of Color (for researchers, doctoral students, and those working with human beings as their data / sample set)
  • Staying Connected to Erotic Power as We Grieve / Mourn
  • I F#$*ed Up, Here’s What I Learned & How I Apologized
  • What We Learn From Failure
  • Sexual Attitudes Reassessment (SAR) Centering Bodies of Color
  • Colorism & Power / Strategic Use of Privilege
  • Sexual & Reproductive Justice
  • Racial Justice in the US Sexuality Field
  • History & Future of US Sexuality Field
  • Demystifying LatiNegra Sexualities
  • Media Literacy & Media Justice
  • Blackness & Latinidad
  • Radical Women of Color & Movements / Theories / Practice
  • Creating Welcoming Environments for QTPOC Clients


All of Bianca’s workshops take into account the various ways we each may learn similarly and differently. Please be sure to include accessibility information prior to contacting Bianca. If a sign language interpreter is needed share that information and a script may be provided. If there are steps or stairs or long distances to walk, share that information.