Hire Bianca

Workshops, Presentations, Lectures, and Everything In Between

Working in the education field for ten years with various communities, specifically communities of Color and adolescents, Bianca has found new and exciting forms of discussing sexuality, gender, popular culture, Latinidad and so much more! A sampling of workshops and presentations that can be requested along with details about how to request a specific session with Bianca can be found on this page.

Bianca’s Expertise Is In:

•Latina Feminist Thought

•Latina/o Sexuality

•Latinos and HIV/AIDS

•Reducing Risk; Having Good Sex

•Sex Toys: Selection and Use

•Our Bodies/Nuestros Cuerpos

•LGBTQ Topics & Activism

•Sexually Transmitted Infections

•HPV and the HPV Vaccine

•Machismo and Latinos

•Virgin/Whore Dichotomy

•Hip Hop, Feminism & Sexuality

•Creating Healthy Relationships

•Latinos, Sexuality & Media

•Feminisms & Sexualities

•Substance Use & Sexuality

•Feminism & Pornography

•Criminalization of Latino Sexuality

•Latinos, Race & Ethnicity

•Positive Youth Development

•Latino Teen Pregnancy Prevention

•Sexuality & Art