Check out Bianca’s interview about the LatiNegrxs Sex Survey in the 2013 issue of 24 Magazine pages 30-34!

Independent Sources video focusing on Afro-Latinos & The LatiNegr@s Project is featured!

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HomeGirl.TV – S01-E01 Boyfriend on My Cell Plan from Sofia Quintero on Vimeo. prepaid visa online gambling

HomeGirl.TV – S01-E03 – Dreamy Halitosis from Sofia Quintero on Vimeo.

HomeGirl.TV – S01-E05 – Friend Chases Crushes from Sofia Quintero on Vimeo. usa casino bonus codes

HomeGirl.TV – S01-E06 – Painful Periods from Sofia Quintero on Vimeo. zeus ii slot machine online

HomeGirl.TV – S01-E07 – Condom-Hatin’ Boyfriend from Sofia Quintero on Vimeo.

Bianca on HomeGirl.TV Season 1 Episode 7 “Condom Hatin’ Boyfriend”

HomeGirl.TV – S01-E08 – My Friend Converted from Sofia Quintero on Vimeo. roulette in online casinos

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HomeGirl.TV – S01-E09 – Hoochie Roommate? from Sofia Quintero on Vimeo.

Bianca 1in3Campaign from biancalaureano on Vimeo.

Bianca talks about being an abortion doula

Masters Tools in the Master’s House? The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Earning a WGS PhD

Watch Bianca’s Max Headroom debut on Huffington Post Live discussing queer sex and barrier methods for Pride month. Femme tip: put cotton balls in your latex or vinyl gloves to enjoy play and not have to clip your long(er) nails with your lovers. How To Use Dental Dams and Other LGBT Sex Questions , Huffington Post Live, June 2015

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Bianca speaks to the founder of Cervivor, Tamika Felder, about sex and sexuality after cervical cancer. Bianca has been cancer free since 2013. Cervivor TV: Loving Yourself & Your Body, February 2015

Bianca joined Complex Magazine’s NTRSCTN staff for live questions for Sex Week 2016.

Let’s talk sex with sexologist Bianca Laureano and the editors of NTRSCTN

Posted by Complex on Thursday, March 31, 2016


View the trailer for the feature-length documentary film BLACK PERVERT  which Bianca is co-creator and co-directing. BLACK PERVERT is in production.

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