Imagining What’s Next: Grief, Mourning, Death, Dying

Death. Dying. Grief. Mourning. We experience these throughout our lives, sometimes more often than others. Discovering the pathways that have been created for us by elders, ancestors, and those who are in mourning may provide a direction back to healing. Complicating the experience of grief and mourning away from literal forms of death, participants will explore testimonies of those who have lost something: fertility via forced sterilization, family via deportation or incarceration, limbs and life due to war or military service, and the ways they have healed and survived.


Learning Objectives

In this course participants will examine theories and realities of death, dying, grief, and mourning as it relates to the body, spirit, and the erotic.


Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Discuss at least one theory or praxis regarding death, grief, and mourning
  • Complete a Self-Care plan for stress, mourning, and grieving
  • List examples of how disability and reproductive justice intersect