POC centered SAR

This is a SAR for all of us. When I had my SAR in 2009 I was so disappointed. Read about why here.

Today I have lead SARs and have been requested to create them as well. For the past several years I have been creating an archive of images, videos, worksheets, activities, and discussion prompts that allow for the exploration of the sexuality experiences, needs, boundaries, and impacts of legislation, public policy, institutional and structural oppression, and racism.

This is not a traditional SAR! It will touch upon the traditional and cannon topics but it will begin, center, and end with people of color!

This SAR is going to be available at the following dates and times. Check back for updates and additional times!



A Sexual Attitude Reassessment (SAR) is an intensive workshop experience to support participants in their growth and expansion regarding human sexual behavior, experiences, and activities. The People of Color centered SAR, created by Bianca I Laureano, MA, CSE foundress of WOCSHN, The LatiNegrxs Project, and ANTE UP! Professional Development, is interdisciplinary, complementary to a variety of learning styles, and centered on reflexive activities and discussions. SARs are useful for examining personal values and beliefs for the work we are doing in our communities and to become more comfortable discussing sexuality topics and experiences. This People of Color centered SAR (POCc SAR) is unlike any other because in this SAR it is recognized how racism, elitism, xenophobia, and other forms of oppression and power-over others impact our sexual lives and experiences. We recognize racism as the oppression, fetish, stimulant, violence, and curiosity that impacts us all and do not hide or erase that reality!

Embed in the POCc SAR is an intersectional praxis to focus on our most impacted populations of -isms, communities often excluded in SARs in North America. This POCc SAR will focus on the US with some aspects of international discussions. Attending and completing a SAR is a requirement for AASECT certification and 10 CEUs are offered. The POCc SAR for individuals is priced at $350* per person for a two-day session in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn in April 2018. Only snacks are offered, breakfast, and lunch must be budgeted by each participant and several walkable restaurants are available along with eating areas in the venue and a refrigerator to store food.

Each POCc SAR is lead by Bianca I Laureano, MA, CSE and at times one other seasoned person of color professional.

The POCc SAR is open to all who are interested in participating and enjoying a different SAR experience that does not erase or receive people and communities of color as afterthoughts, but as the guiding community to which this SAR is focused upon. Group rates and private group POCc SARs are available. Contact Bianca I Laureano, MA, CSE directly to discuss POCc SAR options at LatiNegraSexologist@gmail.com.


*Prices subject to change based on venue, food options, and costs of supplies.


Learning Objective:

This POCc SAR will offer participants an opportunity to examine a variety of topics which include but are not limited to: personal values and beliefs, body image, fantasy, erotophobia, gender, STIs and HIV, aging bodies, impact of racism and elitism, myths and stereotypes of masculinity and femininity, kink, non-monogamy, sexual ritualistic practices, bodies of size, disability, and culture.


Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the POCc SAR participants will be able to:

  • Explain personal beliefs and values related to a variety of sexual experiences and behaviors
  • Evaluate cultural rituals and phenomena from a cultural relativist perspective
  • Expand personal and social understanding of systems of oppression and how they impact sexual experiences and behaviors
  • Analyze levels of comfort in discussing sexuality related topics
  • Integrate referrals when their personal limits are reached
  • Evaluate principles of pleasure, bliss, and body autonomy
  • Describe the ways bodies require touch and intimacy across the life span
  • Employ an understanding of consensual non-consent and power exchange
  • Demonstrate understanding of gender, gender identity, and gender expression
  • Review personal philosophy of inclusion
  • Use media literacy skills for various types of media (film, advertisements, music)
  • Write an assessment about their own sexual growth
  • Recall the various forms of language regarding sexual orientation and identities
  • Explain various types of relationships beyond heteronormative monogamy
  • List the ways misogyny and oppression impact sexual pleasure for all bodies
  • Create a practice in personal and professional settings that utilizes a strategic use of privilege



Agenda for each day:


Day 1______________________________                          Day 2________________________

Introductions                                                                           Asexuality

Levels of Comfort                                                                    Body Positive Pleasure

Definitions & Language                                                         Sex Histories

Media & Pornography                                                            Intersectional Sex

Gender Identity & Expression                                              Culture & Sex

Fantasy                                                                                     Aging Bodies

Sexualization & Violence                                                      BDSM, Kink & Power Play

Anatomy & Physiology (unlearning bs)                            Relationships & Non-Monogamy

Queerness in Ecstasy                                                            Forgiveness & Strategic Use of Privilege

Masturbation & Self Love












View PDF of flyer: POCcSAR flyer full 2018

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April 28-April 29, 2018 Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn Register here.

August 1-2, 2018 with Woodhul Sexual Freedom Summit Register here

September 2018, with Sex Down South Register here

Fall 2018 & Winter 2019 TBD

Request a private POCc SAR for your group, community, or team!