Welcome! I am an award-winning LatiNegra sexologist, educator, and activist who believes the “virgin/whore” dichotomy and negative characteristics associated with “machismo” are inaccurate stereotypes about Latinxs and communities of Color centered in colonization and white supremacy. This is a space for all gender and sexual expressions; all ages and abilities; and I am here to work with and support all people of color.

You will find my reviews about all aspects of sexuality and sexual health, updated resources that will be useful for individuals and providers, media featuring my work and thoughts, current research projects, and opportunities to request workshops, trainings, and presentations. I’m open to folks also sharing resources they think would be of interest to others!

In addition, I am also the creator and host of Latino Sexuality.com, co-director of the feature-length documentary film BLACK PERVERT which examines the intersections of Black communities and kink communities, founding member of the Women of Color Sexual Health Network (WOCSHN), and the founder of The LatiNegrxs Project.